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1 / Your settei are they selling ?
For the moment no, maybe later.

2 / When I print the images on your site, it gives impression of poor quality. Is this normal ?
Yes, this is normal. For reasons of space and bandwidth, I have voluntarily reduced the quality of the images on this site.

3 / Why do you say that the number of each page of your settei is approximate ?
Because for some of the series, I have several settei. When I scan these settei, it is quite possible that I find duplicate pages. And for the series for which I have only one settei it possible that I complete with others in the future. So the number of pages settei on my list is likely to vary with time.

4 / I have settei that you do not have. Do you agree to host me ?
Not yet, but a reflection on this is underway ... You can contact me by email on this subject.